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Why choose Beaupre Insurance?


We have been firmly established in Northwestern New Brunswick since 1976, which demonstrates our commitment to our community. Our team of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals has extensive experience, and is ready to guide you in finding the insurance policy that will best meet your needs.


We understand that each customer has unique insurance needs. That's why we offer a personalized service to ensure you get coverage tailored to your specific situation.


We offer a wide range of insurance coverage options to meet your needs, whether you are looking for auto, home, recreational, business, agricultural or specialty insurance.


We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible coverage at competitive prices. We work with multiple insurance providers to find you the best deal.


We pride ourselves on providing you with exceptional customer service. Our team is always available to answer all your questions and help you with any insurance-related issues.

The Beaupré team

Our Values

RESPECT is taking into consideration the point of view of others, treating them with dignity, politeness and consideration.  It also means contributing to the development of the workplace through positive attitudes and behaviors. Respect is shown as much for the people and the people and the policies in place as  for the rights of the employees. Respect fosters trust and enhances a sense of belonging.

COMMUNICATION is expressed through speaking, listening, observing and writing. Must be a combination of the expression of our opinions with active listening to others. It is facilitated by attitudes, positive feedback and clear statements in appropriate language and tone.

COLLABORATION To work as a team to pool our expertise to meet customer needs, adopt a proactive and positive attitude in order to achieve our goals. It also means recognizing and valuing everyone's contribution to achieving and exceeding objectives.

INTÉGRITY is being fair and honest with yourself, others and the company at all times. It means adopting an irreproachable attitude and ethical behavior in all circumstances. Be honest and transparent in our actions and words. Respect our promises in order to foster a climate of trust and communication. Integrity is also showing loyalty to the company and its values.

CLIENT EXPERIENCE is summed up by all the emotions and feelings felt by a customer before, during and after the purchase of our products, including the service we offer them. The experience is the result of all the interactions that a customer may have with our company. It means providing the quality of work and service that promotes a trustworthy experience. Customer experience is considered a source of influence for satisfaction and loyalty.

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